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Released on July 28th, 2017, the New Nintendo 2DS XL is a handheld gaming console succeeding the Nintendo 2DS.

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New Nintendo 2DS XL won't turn on (Soda Spill)

My friend spilled soda on it and My New Nintendo 2DS XL won't turn on. Yet, when I plug it in to the Charger, it charges.

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I have a problem as well, I was using my 2d xl yesterday, and spilled water on it but i couldnt see where... the next day i woke up and tried to turn it on but it didnt, so i thought it ran out of juice... a few minutes later i saw the orange light come on, with an additional blue light on the beams that connect both screens, it flashed for a mere 30 seconds before turning off. After that I was told to let the battery die, once the orange light turned off I tried turning it on but instead I saw the blue light. It's been like this since... should i let it dry, send it to nintindo...or what?


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@drafon what you want to do right now is to stop using it. You will need to clean your 2DS XL before you do anything else with it. If you do not corrosion and the soda will continue to corrode and short circuit your device.

Disassemble it by using this video. then clean everything with some 90%+ isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush. You can submerge the boards to clean those. After that let them air dry for a bit and reassemble with a new battery. While you clean your device check for any obvious damage like missing and burned looking components. Only after a proper cleaning can you troubleshoot your device. Until you do so, anything will be a guess.

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I was Playing My Nintendo 2ds.xl and I Was Playing Mario Kart 7,But it's Freezing Because I Download Too Much,And I Have To Format So I Won't Freeze

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