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The Apple iPhone 5s was announced on September 10, 2013. Repair of this device is similar to the previous models, and requires screwdrivers and prying tools. Available as GSM or CDMA / 16, 32, or 64 GB / Silver, Gold, and Space Gray.

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Invisible line down the right side of screen is having touch issues

Hello all,

I got an iphone 5s in that had non working touch. The guy said after flexing it / twissting it once it started to work again - But then stopped after the update to 11.1.1

Naturally I suspected the one of the 2 touch IC's had a cracked trace/ball/pad under it. I reflew them and the touch started working again - almost.

The power off slider - just as it is getting to the end - will freak out. Same if dragging pages from left to right, it will shoot 1-2 pages to the right once that point it touched.

I tried a new screen with the same results. Lifted and replaced U12 and U15. No pads lifted or anything. Looked ok to me. Same results. Connector looks ok also.

Any ideas where to go from here? Since it was update with a possible touchIC problem... is there some sort of calibration it does during an update for the screen that could have calibrated out of wack? Software issue? Seems more like a hardware one from my knowledge.

Thanks and I hope I can get this one solved!

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Have you tried an EOM quality screen or an aftermarket? iOS 11 has been very problematic with aftermarket screens but that is mainly with the 6S. As far as I know, there isn't a calibration that needs to be done. If after replacing the IC's you have the "exact" same problem, then the IC's aren't the issue.

One thing that could be happening is a damaged trace, like the M1 pad issue on the 6 Plus. If you see similar looking small traces, they may be microscopically damaged. For example, the VSTM and SENSE lines on SAGE are what constitute the touch grid. If only one of them is bad, you could have a dead zone (vertical or horizontal). The issue with the 6P was that the BSYNC line had the flaky trace, hence causing sync issues between the LCD and Touch - hence no touch.

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I have tried OEM quality sceens, and the phone has the original on it still. I didnt test out each pad, but you are thinking it would be with the SAGE (U15) chip pads or traces? I have done a few M1 jumpers, but didn't see anything off under the microscope/pull any pads. I didn't wic, but did reball the chips after reflow, and tried them again... In all I think I pulled them 3-4 times (learning) But didn't have a single pad come up, so was kinda thinking with all that abuse, there probably wasn't a flakey pad.

Do you happen to have any resistance values for the Digitizer conn? Almost all my diode measurements came up OL (too high to read) except for the ones in the 500-700 range. I don't have a known working -not messed with 5s board i can use atm for cross referencing :( (i ask resistance because the Diode isnt giving me readable values) Maybe ill be able to see one off in lala land for its resistance


I don't have those measurements although based on what you say, I don't see anything to worry about in your readings. I'm amazed those pads survived multiple removals!

You may want to expand your troubleshooting to some of the passives on the various I/O lines in the Touch circuit. Something is screwy somewhere.


Alright! I was pretty surprised too. Seems I have finally found the right temperature for my hot air station.

I will take a look around with h all the I/o like passives and see if anything is dead or if I managed to float something by mistake. Thanks for your input and help!


So, I have looked through the different pasives on the varios I/O lines - There really are not many... pretty much just some voltage lines with caps and a resistor or 2 and all looked good. Most all the lines just go from one chip to the other, the CPU, or the FPC. I feel like I should pull Cumulu and Sage again to make sure they are all going where the should... Is it worth it?


The FPC has taken a bit of abuse, but doesn't look bad to me personally... Would you just blindly change that guy out knowing the screen has been changed like 25+ times in troubleshooting.

I'm ok with investing time into this to learn, but not sure if I'm focusing on the right parts.

Thanks @refectio for your input so far :)


If the FPC isn't damaged and all of the solder connections are good, I wouldn't change it for no reason.


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