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remove data and save

need to remove the data/songs from my ipod classic without using itunes

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There are multiple freeware application that you can use for this. one here and a whole bunch here. Now if this is not what you have in mind let us know so we can help you with that. You can also copy the individual folders from your iPod to your PC but do to the way the iPod saves your files, the title will be unrecognizable. So let us know and good luck.

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search google for "program download to move songs from iPod to computer for mac" (or PC if you have one).

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expod works great for Mac. Don't know if there's a Windows or Linux version. I imagine that it's likely that Expod is a port from Linux to Mac. Has a very Linux-y feel to it. I don't know code, so, couldn't say for certain just by looking at it in terminal. Very simple, easy to use program though.

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