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Are most touch panels for cheap 7 inch tablets compatible?

I have a tablet with the touch panel broken and someone sells a nonworking similar tablet with the touch-panel intact. Both are 7 inch, mine has an Allwinner A10 SoC, the other has an A13?

How likely is it that the other one has a compatible touch panel and I can get it to work with mine?

Note: I don't care about the thickness of the unresponsive edge of the panel if it has such, since I will 3D-print a new housing anyway. I'm only interested in electrical interface compatibility.

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You need to open up the tablet usually the plastic back cover. Unplug the digitiser ribbon cable and look at the writing on it.

Take note of this and search for the digitizer touch screen that way. You should be able to find the part cheap too usually from overseas China.

The digitizer ribbon cable is usually 20 to 30 pin and is a orangeish yellow cable.

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There is absolutely no text. It has 12+17=29 pins. Maybe 30 since its small and I may have miscounted them. I couldn't find a similar digitizer. Mine has no border and all the ones I found on aliexpress and ebay do have one. And they all cost twice as much as that nonworking tablet I plan to buy.


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