Third generation of iPad, featuring 4G capabilities, released on March 16, 2012. Model number A1430. Repairs require heat and careful prying.

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Ipad restarts every 3 minutes after complete rebuild.

Hi everyone.

I had a customer who's son broke their ipad. From initial looks, it was the LCD, Digitiser and chassis which had broken.

First I established that if I can turn on the Ipad and check its functionality I would swap out the LCD and Digitiser to do so which worked well and I tested that everything was in working order. The customer advised me that he would like the chassis changed as he couldnt deal with the bent chassis anymore.

I completed a chassis change but the original battery didnt survive the swap over. I therfore purchased a new Ipad battery and before attempting sealing the Ipad thought ill make sure everything works.

My main problem I have now is that the Ipad starts up and after approximately 3 minutes it would restart.

Other indications:

1)when the Ipad is on, and on charge, I get a charge symbol but percentage does not go up.

2)When ipad is Off and on charge for a while and switched back on, Percentage does increase.

3) Continually restarts regardless of whatever I do.

I personally think its a battery fault for the restart that I may of not allowed it to charge properly first before switching on.

My main objective is to stop the restarting every 3 minutes.


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Probably a bad battery.

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My suspicion also.

When a new battery is installed and charger cable is inserted, the iPad starts up, Is it best practice to switch it off immediately and just leave it to charge?


I usually just charge up the iPad as normal.


I am going to acquire a new battery, Is there a pretest I can do before installing it with a voltmeter to ensure it's going to give me the full beans?


Well with a digital multimeter, you can really only test if the battery has sufficient charge or not. 3.7-4.2 voltage range.


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