Black screen except during calls and using the Camera

If anyone has a clue about this I will be so grateful. It's an odd one!

I was watching YouTube videos on my Gear VR and Galaxy S6.

After removing my phone from the Gear VR the screen was blank.

When I plugged it into the power the Galaxy S6 logo appeared on the screen followed by my network logo.... Then just a blank screen!

If I double tap the home button the screen comes on and I'm able to take photos, and view the photos just taken, as soon as click off the Camera app, it goes blank.

If I receive a phone call, the screen comes on and I can answer it and decline it, but as soon as the call is ended it goes blank again.

If I do a hard reset (power-home-volume) I get the option for the Custom OS and to cancel and restart. It then boots as before, until after the network logo, it goes blank again.

I've yet to speak to Samsung, but visited a local phone shop, and they had no clue.

I will try putting it in my Gear VR tonight, but I doubt that'll solve it.

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