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iPhone 7 LCD quality

Does this LCD produce exactly the same quality and color as the original ones? I did an replacement recently via 3rd party repair shop but being conned the display is grayish and not producing the color correctly.

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Hi Benny,

I bought the whole display assembly replacement from iFixit. Most of it was working fine, but the colors were a bit washed out. Then I noticed two things: autobrightness didn't work and when the phone got hot while charging some horizontal stripes would appear on the screen.

I contacted iFixit about the issue and they sent me a replacement. The replacement had the same issues, so I contacted them again. They offered me either a third replacement or a refund, and I told them that I would gladly take the third replacement if they could test that these issues I was reporting were gone. They decided not to test anything and only offered me the refund.

I think the quality is not nearly as good as with an apple display. Now apple offers a repair for $149, which is the same price the whole display assembly has in iFixit, so this is a no brainer. It's even cheaper, because in iFixit you'll need to buy the adhesive separately.

If you need a screen repair, in this case I would go to apple.


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Typically, you get what you pay for in terms of Iphone replacement LCD's. You could have purchased an inexpensive replacement part or have a defective LCD. Open the phone and look for the Apple Logo on the LCD Flex cable is one way to tell. If you spend $30 - $50 on an iphone 7 LCD, you bought a third party knock off and quality will not be the same as a $100 + Apple original LCD.

You can also ask the seller where he gets his parts and the quality. There is a bit of confusion on Original Apple LCD's, OEM, Class A and inferior knock offs. Different people have their ways of describing it and can be misleading.

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Where to purchase oem lcds?


Most OEM products are refurbished by the broken original LCD screen


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