Why don't my USB ports work?

Thought my first motherboard died because none of the USB ports worked, did all sorts of troubleshooting, even re-installed drivers. Got a new motherboard last night, and the USB ports do not work. This cannot be a faulty board. I'm starting to think it is a possible CPU problem as the first board had bent pins in the socket, but the CPU was properly installed. Currently cannot do anything with my motherboard as there is no way of getting into the BIOS as I can't use a keyboard or mouse.

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@robialecm what is the make model etc. of your motherboard? Check the numbers/letters on the board itself and let us know what it says.


Hello everyone, I resolved the issue, the CPU was deformed and had bent pins on my mobo. Got the board and CPU replaced and updated the USB drivers and it all works fine now.


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