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The third generation of the Samsung Galaxy Note phablet series released September 25, 2013. Identifiable by the model number N9005.

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Full grey screen with pixels and lines after dropping in water?

Hi, so yesterday, I was taking photos while standing next to a pond and my phone slipped out my hands and fell into the pond. It was submerged fully for about 4 seconds before I got it out. After I got it out, I straight away took it apart and dried the the insides, taking out the battery as well. So, since I'm stupid, I put it back together while it was still a bit wet (I didn't notice it was) and turned it on. It worked for a couple of minutes then the back button didn't work and it just shut down. After repeatedly pressing the power button, it came up with a full fuzzy screen of grey, black and pink pixels and lines twice. The entire screen was like that... have I fried it? I really need answers so anything or any questions would be so helpful! Thank you!

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[] try putting it in a dry box w/ the battery removed for a couple of days (Airtight box with a dehumidifier or two. ).

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[] It would be better if you have a hygrometer which will tell you if the air inside the dry box is dry enough - meaning the device is no longer wet- but it's not needed.

after 2 days, turn it on and see if it goes back to normal. Otherwise, it's likely fried then back up your files and bring it to a service center.

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It’s probably water damaged, you might be able to save it by putting it in a bag with silica gel, but if that doesn’t work, your phone is fried. If you replace the screen and it works, or if you connect it to a micro-usb to hdmi and it displays, it might just be a water damaged screen. You’ll have to try it, though.

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It gets full grey when I connect it to charger but dosen't when I remove, it's a 2 in 1 tab / phone (Asus padfone) I could try by connecting it to the tab but it turns off the moment I disconnect from charger, when I connect it displays full grey things in the phone, I'm ready to use it always plugged in, it's my old old old tab, I want to save it for nostalgic reasons but can't repair it as it's a old device, I have loads of others so my parents won't accept for repair..


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