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The Panasonic RQ-2102 is a portable cassette recorder that was made by Panasonic in 1994. While it has long been discontinued, it remains a popular collector's item to this day.

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Why can't I get the protruding heads back into place

I was able to remove a cassette that had ben inserted upside down and jammed the machine, but in that process, the heads popped out to a position of protruding into the area where a cassette should sit. The door closes, and the Eject button works, but, when power is on, the rollers don't rotate, and I certainly can't get a cassette in as the heads are occupying part of the area where cassettes should sit. Can it be fixed, and, if so, how?

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Thanks! I actually had that manual from a search on-line but do appreciate your sending it... as it reminds me, to try and figure things out before I go taking people's time... that is, to fix the head and then the manual will make sense. This means to have enough EMF protection when working on computer so my brains do not feel fried. Thank you and I will strive for more independence in this regard.


@lralt no worries about taking anyone's time. Time is a commodity we do not mind sharing with others to help repairing any device. Best of luck with your repair and let us know how it turns out.


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@lralt besides the excellent answer by my colleague @pleriche I can only add this document, which may help you with your task. Panasonic-RQ-2102.pdf

This is only an addendum to an excellent answer.

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It could be a worn belt has finally given up the ghost. Theoretically that should be replaceable, but these mechanisms are complicated and not easy to fix. Alternatively, if you disassemble it sufficiently to see the mechanism you may be able to locate a catch or lever which is jammed and needs to be released on order for the heads to retract. Does the Stop button do anything? You might find it's jammed and all you need to do is work out what is jamming it.

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Thank you, I am sorry in the delay for sending a thank you, but if for some reason it has to be disassembled and I am afraid to do so, this tells me in what wording and ideas to ask for repair help locally.


Stop/Eject did and does work, from the beginning, as soon as I got the jammed cassette out, and I see no evidence of belts anywhere, but I guess that is inside... the heads are simply stuck in a protruding position, making it impossible to fit in another cassette, but I think I will try to tinker with it, as you'd mentione there could be a catch or lever and if it gets jiggled right or something... maybe it will right itself... or when I have time and feel as though I can take a trip I can take it out to a repair shop... thank you once more.


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