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The Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016), an Android Smartphones released by Samsung Electronics in 2016.

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Why doesn’t my new Samsung galaxy a5 (2016) led screen work?

I recently bought a new led screen as mine had cracked. I bought a new screen and have followed steps to open the device. The device still has power but when connected the new led screen doesn’t seem to turn on. Where have I gone wrong?

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@lordmacca666 you may have a bad replacement. I would try the old screen and see if it turns on. If so get a a different screen and try once more.

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The old screen was that bad that it wouldn’t produce any picture so I can’t put the original back on :/


@lordmacca666 that is to bad. I'd still try a new screen. If that still does not work you may be looking at issues with the circuit board.


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