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Gmail app & Google play not working

Hi, my tablet's Gmail app won't let me add my Gmail, followed all prompts but keeps going back to start. Now Google play is a blank screen. Seems to be just a Google issue, everything else is working fine. Just nothing will update as Google play isn't working....

Factory reset the tablet thinking that I'd messed up something in the settings but did not resolve issues.

Any advice really appreciated

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Thanks Robert, have tried to do it on the gmail and the Play in settings as you recommend but nothing happened with both.

Originally Gmail kept freezing on me which got v annoying and I stupidly with my little knowledge, tried to uninstall it and reinstall and that's when the problems started.

I went into the settings but probably pressed all in wrong order. The problem with the Play seems to be a side affect.

I can get into Gmail using browser, Chrome and save the link to my home screen, which is fine but the Play is the problem, not updating anything.

Did reset all to factory settings, thinking it would undo what I'd done, now I just have the apps that come with media pad and no way to add more without Play.

Any other suggestions would be great!

Can I just use the browser to download Play like with the Gmail? Could u recommend a safe site to download from?

Really appreciate your help

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Not working Google meet


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If the tablet is brand new but an older model, you will probably have to wait for google play to update itself. Once it does, it will update everything else and it should be fine.

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Thanks Brian, got the media pad in November 2016, the warranty for the software ran out after 6 months. I gave longer explanation to what I did in y the post below. Any thoughts much appreciated!


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