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Smartphone by Huawei, released April 2015. Includes models Y625-U32, Y625-U21, Y625-U51.

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How can I fix my huawei y625-u32 if it says data has been formatted

what can i do to my huawei y625 u32 if it says data has been formatted cant upgrade by internal sdcard or sdcard

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could you be more specific?


Please help me!


my phone was formatted


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Does it say encryption failed? If yes, the phone is basically useless.

No solution to that unless you can find someone that can reprogram the flash memory on the phone board with JTAG tools. Currently it appears there is nobody that does it or nobody can do it at the moment.

The fault is the system / data partition got corrupted on the flash memory and needs to be reformatted / reprogrammed.

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