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The Nintendo DSi is the third iteration in the Nintendo DS line, and made its debut in Japan in late 2008.

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My L button is always on

I tried to play a FPS game called MOON and the firing button is the L one. It doesn't stop shooting and when I tried to play ZELDA Spirit Tracks I couldn't move because the L button is always ON.

The DSi also for some odd reason can't access the folder that has all my Pictures, I can take pictures, but I can't look at them. If I select the "Album" it'll take me there, but will Lock up. I have to shut the system down. Is this connected to the L button being always on as well?

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Tony Coleman, check on youtube and see if that will help you. It is for any DS to fix the L+R button. From what I got is that all you need to do is blow on the indentations along the right and left side of your DSi system with force. The issue is likely caused by dust and other debris that may have gotten into the release trap and pressure-sensitive button. If this does not work, use a desk cleaner (aluminum can filled with refrigerated, pressurized air). Good Luck to you.

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Thanks, but the problem seems far deeper. I opened it and removed the connector is see if it was interfering with the album side within. Sadly, it was not. I inspected the switch when open and it didn't stick. There must be something catastrophic happening inside.


Tony have you checked the ifixit guide Nintendo DSi XL Left Shoulder Button Replacement it is for the XL but should provide you with good info.


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