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A business-class notebook with a 13.3" touchscreen display.

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My laptop is plugged in,charging but actually its stuck at 0%?

My laptop is plugged in and showing its charging but actually its stuck at 0% and only working with power attached

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Most likely you need a new battery. Average life is only around 3 years.

In answer to your comment:

Try running BatteryInfoView available from - this should give you the status of your battery.

And yes, with care, batteries can often last a lot longer than 3 years, particularly if kept cool and minimising discharge/recharge cycles, but in normal regular use you can't really feel hard done by if a battery is fading after 3 years.

For everything there is to know about batteries, check out

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Hmm. I've always wondered what average battery life is... thanks!


Is there a quality battery monitoring program for PCs like Coconut Batter for Macs?

Three years is half of what I am getting on a Mac.


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You must test your power adapter in another laptop. If this cant help. Please reinstall Windows. If all this solution doesnt work you must change your battery.

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