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The Lenovo A7 tablet is a 7-inch Android tablet released by Lenovo in April 2015. The A7-30 tablet was released in two versions, the 3G/Wi-Fi model (MediaTek MT8382M) version, and the Wi-Fi only (MediaTek MT8127) version.

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landscape cells not working after screen repair

I've recently had my tablet screen repairedvand its came back with a new issue. When in landscape the bottom two rows of cells don't work? So you can't go back etc,?

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Most reputable repair services offer a guarantee on their work. At least 30 days if not more (unless it is damaged by the user of course)

It should not have come back in this condition.

If you've only recently had it fixed, contact them about your problem and see what they say.

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It is most likely a faulty part and has dead spots with the touch in the Digitizer. It's either the part or it is not plugged in all the way. I would take it back where you got the repair done to see if they can figure out if it's the part and double check their work, but parts can be bad from the vendor , it's a problem that techs often overlook , or if they didn't double check after putting the part on may have not noticed these dead spots. you usually have anywhere from 30-90 days at most repair shops to have it warrantied so i'd take it back asap.

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