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4-inch iPhone released in March 2016 with similar hardware specifications to the 6s. Available in Silver, Space Grey, Gold, or Rose Gold with 16/64 GB storage options. Model A1662 and A1723.

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App calls on speaker, mic doesn't work

Hello everyone,

I just got my phone back after being repaired, updated ios 11 and I have a problem. During app calls whenever I set it on speaker, the other side can't hear me anymore. Just like if I pressed the mute button instead of the speaker. Normal phone calls have no such problems. Is there anyone, who could help me please? Thanks, Katka

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What was the repair for - replacing the display assembly or replacing the charge port? If you had the display assembly repaired then the microphone on the front camera/proximity sensor flex assembly may have been damaged. Does the front camera and proximity sensor work okay? Or, if you had the charge port assembly replaced then perhaps the microphone on that flex assembly was damaged.

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@ittechrepair Yes, they have exchanged the display assembly. But the thing is, that when I call without using any app, then it's no problem using speaker, the mic works.. My front camera and proximity sensor work fine. I also talked about it with my friend and she said she's had the same problem for already 6 months and it appeared out of nowhere.


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