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Repair information and guides for the iPhone 6S released by Apple on September 25, 2015. Models: A1688, A1633

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Microphone problems after replacing lightning flex cable

Everything went smooth while replacing the flex cable, however something weird is happening now. When recording a video everything works fine, but when recording a video on Instagram or Dictafone you can only hear a static noise and no sound recorded.

Any idea of what the problem might be?

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There are two microphones on the lightning flex cable assembly. Perhaps they were damaged in the process of replacing or simply defective to begin with. They are on two small tabs that each mount on either side of the lightning jack. Check the ribbon for damage like scratches, tears or nicks.

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Would it still work fine while on a call or making a video through the Camera app anyway?


Possibly and especially if the issue resides with the apps and not the micorphone. If your in call mike is working and the "Hey Siri" is working then I'd start checking the apps. Maybe uninstall and reinstall Instagram and also look at the microphone permissions in your settings.


I've tried uninstalling and checking the microphone permissions and still did not work. While on a call mic usually works, I wouldn't say it's perfect but it works. I have noticed there's a red dot which looks like a water damage indicator (I'm not sure) but it is on top of the battery. I purchased this phone second hand, do you think that might be causing the issue? Because the volume down button is not working too.


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