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Change Power supply from 120v to 240v

I am constantly buying things in the States to plug into a 240v country and off course the power supply is a problem. Stepdown transformers are noisy and eyesore.

Not too long ago, you just replaced the 120v power supply with a same spec 240v power supply, not that I know how to do even today.

These days there a circuit board comes along with the transformer.

I would like to learn how power works and be able to fix it, what is where inside the unit, is there a possibility to reconfigure to 240v.

Its getting a bit difficult to ask the same question over and over again, every time I buy something in 120v - 60hz.

I want to learn how to look on the inside and know what I am looking at and fix it, anyone know where I could learn?

In the meantime, I want to buy the LG SJ5Y Sound Bar, does anyone know if it can be converted to 240 - 50hz. Can I buy a 240v power supply and replace :)

As always, I am eternally grateful

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I am deeply indebted, Thank you.

Normally, manuals are a good place to search, so few have the 240v option.

Would you know where I could learn to repair and understand the electronics on the inside of any unit.

My next conversion project is an amp.

Have a great day


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@ancientwarrior there really is no standard answer for it. Each device that you buy will have different specs and thus different requirements Great items to buy are those that use an AC adapter. Let's take your LG SJ5Y Sound Bar as an example. It uses an AC adapter model DA-38A25 manufactured by Asian Power Devices Inc. The input of the AC adapter is: 100 - 240 V ~ 50 - 60 Hz 1.2 A and the output is 25 V 1.52 A. So for you to now hook it up, all you would need is a power cord that fits your electrical outlet and the AC adapter. Nothing else required.

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