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How do I get a display on my olympia infoglobe

my Olympia Infoglobe receives power but does not display time, date, and incoming telephone only displays occasionally

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Solution found elsewhere suggested removing the batteries and unplugging the A/C adapter for 10 minutes. (I waited 30). Reinstall batteries and reattach A/C adapter. Buttons worked to get to the erase memory option, which I did. Infoglobe is now functioning properly. This is also the instructions for clearing the "eeprom error" readout that many infoglobes exhibit after a power surge.

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I tried this to no avail. My InfoGlobe is still as dead as a doornail although it is still receiving power coming out of the power wart/adapter according to my trusty multimeter. I wish there was a iFixIt video for this as nothing out there compares to the InfoGlobe for 360 degree and distance viewing of the CallerID info of incoming calls. It makes for a great telephone screening system against the dreaded cold calling salesperson trying to sell you insurance, alleged charity caller, alleged Fraternal Order of Police/Firemen caller, timeshare condo salesdrone, etc.


As this question and answer is five years old please ask a new question, give specifics of what it will do. Make and model number. There may be new viewers and better answers now.


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The "eeprom error" readout continue and no one bottom work only on and off work anybody knows what to do

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