Narrow down the problem of no-image on Apple Cinema Display 24 in

The 24-in monitor doesn't show anything, so I tested the voltages inside. I appreciate if anyone can help me narrow the problem down to the root. Plugging in the USB, my Thinkpad P50 laptop can recognize the Audio and iSight camera. But plugging in the mini-DP cable, no recognition of the monitor, and no image was shown. No background light on. Model # A1267.

The biggest problem in the voltage readout (testing point diagram can be found on Page 16 on the guide):

LCD and LED part:

TP81: 0V (should be 24.5V),

DC in part:

TP11: 12.7V (should be 24.5V),

TP12: 0V (should be 24.5V),

TP13: 0V (should be 12.0V)

I read through the forum, there may be some problems with the fuse on the logic board or the power board is broken? I am sure which is more likely to happen. I don't know where is the fuse located neither the data sheet of the fuse.

Any suggestions?


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@i2000s just so I understand. Connecting the Apple LED Cinema Display 24" to your Thinkpad P50. Has it worked before? You've checked your power supply?


It was working on a MacBook before (2 years ago), since then it was broken and put on the corner. My Thinkpad P50 works on another Apple Cinema 27in Display bought after the 24in display. I only found the power DC input on the logic board is strange, the cable seems fine from outside.


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