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I need a special tool to get my shark vacuum apart

The fasteners look like an allen head with a pin in the middle. Looks like you would need an allen wrench with a tiny hole drilled in the middle of it. Any ideas what/where I could get a tool like this?

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Thanks for your help!


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@toolbag it sounds like you are talking about the tamper resistant Allen screws. It is a security feature that is easily circumventeed wit tool kits like like these. you can get those for Torx as well as many other screw heads.

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yes but how do you find out if u need metric or SAE


the product is a shark vacuum


torx screws are the type


@mcgarry there is no difference. The same Torx drivers are used to drive SAE and metric


Unfortunately, at least two of the security screws are in a deep and narrow hole that is impossible to reach with the short bits that are commonly sold.


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