fixing not working wifi & optical drive of late 2009 iMac

Hey guys,

I have a late 2009 27 inch iMac (EMC 2309) here with some issues I'd like to fix.

Probably it won't be worth it to get a solution for the fine vertical lines on the screen, as this is maybe a sign for a GPU which will die somewhen? They don't bother so much so it's alright.

There two other problems which should be fixed for not so much money:

- macOS doesn't show any wifi options (bluetooth is visible), I guess the card is broken. Can I replace it to a 'better' model which supports newer wifi standards? what is your suggestion?

- the cd / dvd drive isn't working properly, it pulls in the disc but it takes the finder forever to show the content of it. sometimes there is no disc mounted at all. Could it just be a pollution of the optical components or is this a common problem and the drive has to be replaced?

If I can fix that for replacement part costs of lets say maximum 60 Euro then I would do so.

Thank you for your advice in advance!

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