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This printer is similar to the C4780. It lacks the (sometimes failure prone) wireless hardware and can only be hardwired for networked printing.

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Why won't it print

Why isn't my HP Photosmart C4740 (Printer, Scanner & Copier) not printing?

It has a new black cartridge and half full color cartridge. The 1st print came out light blue/grey even though I chose black print. Now it acts like it's printing but paper comes out blank.

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Take the cartridges out & clean the contacts with Q tips. Have your Q tip damp but not over-soaked with water. Then dry the cartridges with the dry end of a Q tip and then with a soft cloth. I used tap water, and after drying went over with a hair dryer just to make sure. It worked.

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Carefully clean the tank inkjets using a soft cloth and isopropyl alcohol. Often the jets can get clogged if left in. If you don't print that much store the cartridges in the cases provided.

If that fails you'll likely need new cartridges.

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