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Model A1236 / 4 or 8 GB capacity

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Reset loop - Apple Logo/Red Cross


I have a 3rd gen Nano 4gb that is caught in a reset loop. The Apple logo appears for a few seconds then it goes to a red circle with cross in before looping over and over.

If on AC it loops the Apple logo to 'please connect to iTunes'

Things I have tried:

~ Diagnostic mode - passes all ok

~ Reset

~ Disk mode - does enter disk mode and iTunes will prompt to restore but resets before completion.

~ Restore mode - after a reset it doesn't stay on long enough to enter

~ Hard reset - doesn't appear to work

Any other ideas what i can try?


No water damage, never opened.



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Neil, I would start of by replacing the battery if you have not already done so. The errors that you are describing seems to change with the AC power connection, usually that does not happen unless you have (also) a battery that is either bad or going bad. Just a start and I hope that it will help.

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