Rear main seal and oil pan gasket replacement Automatic

How do you replace rear main seal and oil pan gasket in a 01 automatic accord

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@cmg1010 lots of steps involved with that ;-) start off by telling us what engine size your Honda has.


What is your level of skill with mechanical work ? When dealing with a main seal there is a certain level of skill involved. The pan gasket is easy but a main seal is not


It’s 4 cylinder. I am mechanically inclined I’ve done rear main seals on rwd manual cars just never on a fwd or automatic


is it the actual main thats leaking or the pan gasket . They are in the same area but two different gaskets . The main gasket goes around the crank shaft and if you need to replace it you will need to seperate the engine from the transmission and you will need to remove the pan and loosen all the crank bearings to lower the crank far enough to remove the gasket and replace it . I know that some people will do this in the car but when I do it I prefer to remove the engine and get it on an engine stand


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