4-inch iPhone released in March 2016 with similar hardware specifications to the 6s. Available in Silver, Space Grey, Gold, or Rose Gold with 16/64 GB storage options. Model A1662 and A1723.

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Reboot loop. Yes, I read a thousand other answers already.

iPhone SE came to me with a broken screen. The LCD and touch both OK but the glass broken; points of impact are in the white area to the right of the home button, and about two inches above that on the right edge. Simple job, done it a bunch of times before. Careful disassembly, swap the components from old to new screen, plug it in and go.

Reboot loop.

I read about a thousand pages, on iFixIt and off, about this issue going as far back as the iPhone 5. Things I've been able to filter out:

  • It's not the battery. If I disconnect the battery and power it from the Lightning port, the issue persists.
  • It's not the replacement screen. I tried another replacement screen, and tried the original broken screen, and the issue persists.
  • It's not the front camera flex cable. I tried it with the cable disconnected, and the issue persists.
  • It's not the digitizer cable (on any of the screens). I tried it with the digitizer cable disconnected, and the issue persists.
  • It's not the home button. I tried it with the home button connected and disconnected, and the issue persists.
  • It's not the rear-facing camera. I tried it with the camera connected and disconnected, and the issue persists.
  • I can't get the phone into DFU mode. The reboot cycle is so quick (just a few seconds on the Apple logo) that it doesn't seem to "recognize" the DFU request. The computer doesn't see the phone being connected via USB for the same reason, and obviously iTunes doesn't see it either.

At one point I reconnected the original screen + digitizer and I got the phone to boot to the PIN screen. I entered the PIN but then the phone froze. I had to disconnect the battery, and when it rebooted it went back into the reboot loop.

All of the connectors on the motherboard and in perfect shape. There is no moisture damage to the device.


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It appears you've tried all of the software and modular solutions that we could offer. Have you started probing the logic board yet? Boot looping is caused by some sub-system failing during the startup process. If you want to be certain, try booting the phone with only the logic board and a known-good battery and dock connected. If it still boot loops, then you definitely have a logic board problem.

Then I would start checking the main voltage rails, followed by the main output voltages of the PMIC. Start by checking for shorts (unpowered) and then power it up and check the voltage levels against spec. You may identify a subsystem that is faulty and causing your issue.

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could it be the u2 ic chip problem ? have you tried it with a new charging port assembly?

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No I haven't. The phone was charging correctly with the damaged screen and since I didn't do anything in the area of the charging port and the phone boots when it's powered via the charging port I didn't think it would be a problem.


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Just spit-balling here

I have seen this issue requiring a new front facing camera to be installed (Not just disconnected) before the issue is resolved.

The fact that you got it on once would lead me to believe some form of contact issue with the battery might be involved. I have had foam get in the way of a good battery connection this can cause resetting.

Possible ESD issue?

Have you tried booting the phone outside of the body loose side screw could be causing some form of short.

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I just tried a new front camera; no luck.

The battery connection is fine, and I've also tried a new battery. No damage, distortion, or bits of stuff in there.

I wear a grounding strap and work on a grounded surface so doubtful it's ESD.

I haven't (yet) put the screen all the way back into the body so there's no shorts happening with that.


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Ever any solution with this?

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Bad NAND chip.


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