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The Essential Phone is Essential's first-generation smartphone, released in August 2017. It is available in black moon, stellar white, stellar grey, and ocean depth colors.

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How to open sim card tray

How do I open my essential phone's sim tray?

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It is located on the bottom next to the USB-C port. It looks like a standard SIM tray where you stick a paper clip in the pin hole and it should eject.

Here is a tear down of the phone, with a picture of ejecting the SIM tray.

Essential Phone Teardown

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It didn't open with a paper clip


There are 2 holes of about the same size. One is a mic hole, and the other is on the sim tray. I am assuming you put the paper clip in the right one. If you didn't you need to call customer service. If you did, you likely still need to call customer because that try should pop out if you insert a paper clip.


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