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Device and repair guides for the 2016 Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime smartphone, model number SM-G570Y or G570.

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How do I share files with my SD card in order to get more storage

I cannot figure out how to sync my SD card with my phone so that I can have more storage other than just internal storage on the phone.

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I found this on the internet for the J3. It's probably an identical (if not then very similar) process.

From a Home screen, navigate: Apps > Samsung folder > My Files

Select an option (e.g., Images, Audio, etc.).

Tap MORE (located in the upper-right).

Tap Edit then tap the desired file(s).


Tap Move.

Tap SD card.

Navigate to the preferred folder then tap DONE (located in the upper-right).

(From :

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If you have Android 6+, you go to Settings --> Backup and Storage, select the SD Card, and select "Format as Storage". This will wipe your SD card and format it to be used as combined storage with the existing storage in the phone.

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If you want to increase your internal memory via sd card

  1. you have to upgrade your phone. then switch off your phone.

# you need a SD card to put into your phone and then switch on your phone.

  1. Then you have to choose you want to choose your phone as internal storage or you want to use as ram.
  2. Then you choose use as internal storage After that your storage will be increased.
  3. Hope this will help you
  4. Thanks

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