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Left speaker wiring fix

Hi, I'm trying to put a Razer Kraken Pro (3,5 jack version) back together, unfortunately the speaker wires were ripped from the soldering when the previous owner tried take it apart. It's the left side that's affected, I see 5 wires, gold and red from the front, blue, gold, red, from the back side. The red from the back is still connected to a small logic board but all others are loose.

Does anyone has experience with soldering this type of headphone? Could someone tell me where to solder which wire or post a picture where I can see the normal setup?

Thanks in adance!

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I think your best bet is to go to the razor facebook page and ask for a connection diagram (schematic). I don't see any contract info on their homepage. I would put the link here but iFixit will delete it. try /razor

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Thanks for the idea! Unfortunafely earlier today I contacted the Razer Support but all they said was that the "wiring information is not available". Hoped for more help on their part... :(


I don't know if this will help but if you have an ohmmeter or a voltmeter with an resistance function you can trace the wire from the plug. The 3.5mm combined plugs have four sections with the ground being the bottom ring nearest the plug body. The tip is the right channel and the second ring is the left ch. The third ring is the mic. Once yu trace the wire you can connect them back to the ear piece. If the polarity is correct you will get good bass, if not then reverse it.


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