How to flash Geforce 7300 GT ROM to revision 3022?

My recently purchased "broken" 24" iMac 2111 will boot into Safe mode, and the desktop appears normal, with no visible graphics defects. However, in a normal boot, it always gets stuck after the apple icon and spinning windmill, no matter what boot source is used, the HDD, any DVD, or a USB flash stick.

The memory is 1GB + 2GB, and I tried each separately, in both slots. No change.

The Geforce 7300 shows as having ROM revision 3467 instead of the more normal revision 3022, or 3021. Since Safe Mode appears to work perfectly, after I erased the HDD (accessed via T-boot) and restore/copied the entire HDD from a similar iMac, I suspect some incompatibility between the boot-rom and the graphic ROM.

How can I re-flash the graphics ROM to revision 3022?


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Hi @garygid, had you tried running apple diagnostic to check?

Try running that and it will show you the summary of result.


The D-boot does not show anything, but to learn what it should do, I will try the D-boot on another 2111 iMac that does boot properly.

Doesn't that attempt to run the Apple Hardware Test (AHT) that is in .../CoreServices/.diagnostics/ folder?

So far I have not gotten that to work on any of the 4 iMac 2111 machines that I have access to ... Three SL, and 1 Lion ... but I can try again tomorrow.

I have found and downloaded the iMac6,1 AHT file, but have yet to get it properly installed, I guess. If I just drag the System folder into the HDD root, in Safe Mode, would SL put the .diagnostics folder in the right place? Or, T-boot and connect FireWire to a working iMac, and do the copy there?

Thanks for the suggestion.


Invisible folders are a pain to work with, and to verify the copy.

Thanks for your help, I have less than 2 weeks experience with iMacs.

Cheers, Gary


Nobody knows how to flash the 7300 GT ROM while installed in a 24" iMac?


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