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After announcing the discontinuation of the Durango after the 2009 model year, Dodge released an Internet site and teaser photos of the third-generation Dodge Durango on August 16, 2010.

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My wipers will go to the middle and get stuck

I have a 2017 RT Durango. I was driving home in a rain storm and all of a sudden my wipers stopped working. They went to the middle and just got stuck. I got out the car and I can still hear the wiper motor. I think somehow it lost some power and is now not strong enough to turn the wipers past the middle or return them to the beginning. Someone please help!

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This 2017 would be under warranty.

The wiper motor has enough power to break your fingers should you get to the linkage arms so no it is not under powered. Also if jammed the fuse would blow from the rise I current.

There is a cowl over the linkage arm to keep snow and leaves etc. from clogging up the linkage. The motor has a crank on the output shaft and connects to linkage that rotate the wipers. The motor will not reverse but is always going in one direction. On this motor output shaft to connect to the linkage is a pin or now it could be a rubber type coupling that sort of snaps on the crank and is held in the connecting arms. I would say this arm has some how fell off the motor output shaft and is quietly siting there awaiting some one to snap it back on. The motors now are quiet so if you hear it running, the motor will be happily spinning with nothing to work at.

If you tackle this the snow leaf guard has to come off. Then you can see the connecting arms inside. Be so careful no one is going to play with running the wipers as I am not kidding you could loose a finger. The motor is in the center usually and would have a power plug wired to it. You can lift the tabs on this plug and pull it off. It may contain a Vaseline like grease to keep the plug water proof, if not think of adding some so in 5 years you are not replacing the plug from green and black junk. I however would call the local dealer and have them do this on warranty, they may need to replace the rubber plastic connecting device.

Good luck, let us know


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