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Model A1236 / 4 or 8 GB capacity

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Repairing the iPod nano A1236

My ipod keeps flickering his lights on and off, how can i repair this?

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Respect Lord, first off I would try the least invasive way and that is by resetting the ipod If that does not make a difference you might be looking toward replacing your LED first. It is relative inexpensive iPod nano (3rd Gen) Color Display the instructions are right here. iPod Nano 3rd Generation Display Replacement Of course make sure that your ribbon cable is connected properly, that no corrosion or other debris prevents the cable from making good contact. If this will not take care of the problem you may have to replace the logic board due to a back light issue. Good luck and let us know how it is going.

iPod nano (3rd Gen) Color Display Afbeelding


iPod nano (3rd Gen) Color Display


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If replacing the LCD doesn't help, it might be some kind of issue directly on the motherboard.

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My iPod does not work

Show me a black screen and I can not play songs

I think the battery is empty but after charging the battery also does not work

Please help me

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oudai, click on the link on the right side of this page. "Ask a question" and give as much DETAIL as possible. Need to know which iPod you have, what you did to try to fix it and what the symptoms are...


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