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The 5-door Explorer and its companion the Mercury Mountaineer were redesigned entirely for the 2002 model year, gaining a similar appearance to its big brother, the Ford Expedition.

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My Left High Beam Doesn't Work

I recently purchased my 2002 Ford Explorer Limited and my left high beam will not turn on. So I purchased new bulbs and the left high beam still will not turn on. Then I checked the blue 20amp Bussman female maxi fuse at F1 19 via the see thru plastic cap and the fuse is fine. So I pulled the fuse, checked the 2 flat contact points in the fuse box with my circuit tester with the engine on and grounded to my battery. Only one contact point made my tester light up. How do I fix this problem and did I test it correctly?

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Wiring harness...hopefully...hold on..yeah. This should be it. Shouldn't be complicated

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This link leads me to a Bluetooth wiring harness. I jus want to kno if both contact points in the fuse box that the fuse attachs to are supposed to make my circuit tester light up? Because if that's the issue then, a new wiring harness will not solve the problem. I don't want to waste money buying unnecessary parts


@theimedic get some sleep, you are screwing up.


I didn't screw up that time! Google screwed up! @mayer fixed it. He should need a new wiring harness if the readings are coming back that way. Or we'll find another answer


@theimedic good boy, you get a cookie ;-)


@mayer I like cookies


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