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Nintendo’s first major revision of the 3DS released to Japan in October of 2014 and to North America in September of 2015. The 2015 3DS introduces improved 3D capabilities, a C-Stick, and a new set of trigger buttons.

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Water inside New 3DS? Any way to know for sure?

So, yesterday I was driving (Motorcycle) and I had my New 3DS in my pocket and started to rain (Not heavy rain nor light rain) I was outside for about 7 minutes when I came to my house and pulled out my 3DS and it was off (I always have it on sleep for spotpass) and I panicked, lucky me I work at phone repair so early today I disassembled it and I see no water or traces of it, but I wanna be REALLY sure, so my question is:

Is there a way to know if water got inside the 3DS? I know phones have the humidity indicator and think I see one in the 3DS (A white square with red circles on it) But I don't know if got wet or not because it has red on it so it turns all red or the circles are red when is wet or... ?

Also sorry for the bad English, it isn't my native language.

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The indicator you are seeing is indeed the right one. It is normally white with some red dots and it turns pink when there is water inside.

After you arrived home, did you plug your console in and turned it on or did you proceed directly with the disassembly? It would be wise at this time to put it all back together and test it before anything else. If it does not work leave a comment or update this post.

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No, after I arrived home I left the console off until next day when I dissembled the console, after I was sure the thing was not wet I put it back together and turned it on, it was working! Anyway, thanks for the answer, the console is working just fine!


good job you did it


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