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Can a damaged LVDS cable be the reason for no backlight?

I had my screen repaired at a shop which doesn't work for Apple. Everything went well and I used my system for 2 months with no problems. Then my screen didn't turn on again. It turned out that my systems backlight doesn't work (light through Apple logo still shows screen and connected to external screen everything works fine).

So I brought it back to that shop. After analyzing it they told me that the LVDS cable is damaged and they have to swap it out. But they don't have any spare parts and it was more expensive than I thought.

Now I want to buy a LVDS cable myself, but when I googled my problem, no one ever talked about the LVDS cable.

So my question is, if a damaged LVDS Cable can be the reason for no backlight on my system and what would you recommend if it is, or if it isn't, what is the problem?

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This is a tough one!

The fact they replaced the display is likely when the cable could have been nicked. Technically, I would have expected them to fess up and cover it under warranty.

If they didn't damage it (even though they are saying that). Then the question is if the backlight fuse link is blown which can happen. Now why would the fuse fail? A loose screw or some other electrical short. Its also possible the WLED driver is blown which powers the backlight.

OK, so lets say the cable is damaged (I doubt it) then you would need to completely remove the display assembly and carefully gain access to the connector within it. This is not trivial! The better direction would be to just replace the complete display assembly. Here's the IFIXIT guides to review:

Note the IFIXIT Teardown team broke the display trying to open it. Which is why I think its just better to bite the bullet if and only if the cable (or display) is truly damaged.

This could explain the high cost in their estimate as thats what they think they need to do here.

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