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Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Touch disease WITHOUT the grey bar? LCD Problem?

My iphone 6+ has had "Touch Disease" (or I thought it was) since I bought it. Screen Ghosting has been a problem since day 1. I did a DIY fix using some electrical tape on the back of the Touch IC chips to help keep them in place, but this did not fix the problem. Upon further inspection on the interwebs, I found that ALL cases of Touch Disease have the grey bar issue, mine does not, and never has. Is this a problem with the LCD then? It needs to be replaced regardless because of white vertical lines and about a quarter of it being unresponsive, but will this fix my "touch disease" Problem?

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Are you getting completely dead no touch issues or is it touching by itself?

Touching by itself is usually a bad screen.

Edit: Even touch IC fault can cause ghost touching.

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Both, It has its good and its bad days.


Touching by itself then you need to replace the screen.

Touch IC disease never makes the screen touch itself.


@johntheurer, it is incorrect to say that ALL Touch Disease phones HAVE a gray bar. You also say your phone has screen ghosting (image, touching?) problems...that is not Touch Disease.


same problem here, unresponsive screen, at first I would have to touch it a bunch of times to get it to work, then it stopped all together. I did the twist the phone thing, it worked for a couple of days. Changed the display, it worked for a couple of days, now it's totally dead. I will do the electrical tape on the IC chip thinng next to see if that works.


@andrundr don't do that. While it may help now, it will just cause additional stress on the logic board which will only make the problem worse down the line.


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You do not always get grey bars with Touch disease, in fact, less than half of the repairs I do have the grey bar.

Ghost touch is most likely due to a defective screen or the vertical white lines can be faulty seating of the FPC or hardware as well.

You can always try a replacement screen or try reseating the lcd for the white lines and ghost touch. but as for the Touch Disease, you will need the Meson IC removed and either reballed or replaced and a small jumper wire soldered from the M1 pad to its "Via".

I would have also stated that Ghost Touch is not Meson (Touch IC) however, I have had a couple repairs where repeated screen replacements had ghost touch till I reballed and ran M1 Jumper then all screens were okay...

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I'm having the same issue you are i got my screen replaced and about a month and a half later the touch doesn't do anything and occasionally touch things on its own

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