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Tv talking to me

How do I get this voice over off my tv

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I was just playing minecraft once the I heard a 6 yr old girl talking. "Hello!?" Hello!?" Soon after that I heard other faint voices, a grown up man and loads of people talking (also the tv was RCA and was just fixed after being broken not being able to change channels or change volume, its fixed but now every once in a while theres a little girl talking through my tv. it REALLY creeps me out (note: that did NOT happen before and there is no narrator) its really creppey, how do I fix it?


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This is a feature for the blind. To turn the MTS off, press MTS on the TV remote one or more times until the screen displays MTS: Off. Note: If your remote does not have a MTS button, you can normally locate the feature through the TV's audio menu, or you can consult your user manual or e-manual on how to enable/disable this feature . Hope this helps

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