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MacBook Pro won't charge/boot after upgrades/repair

My Macbook Pro 15" (MacBookPro1,2) 2006, OS-X 10.6.8 having been stored for many years, was working perfectly a few weeks ago (put in a new battery). I decided to clean her up and do some maintenance..

Thanks to all of you at iFixit, I replaced the thermal paste, upgraded the RAM to 6 GB (HT OWC) and installed a SSD (again, HT OWC). (Before anyone chides me, in all of my reading I never saw the admonition that you should do one thing at a time. I thought I was being careful by only opening up the machine once to do all three.)

Excited to see my "new" Mac in operation, I was dismayed when my MagSafe showed a flickering light. I did everything the forums suggested. I took my machine apart again to check connections. I re-installed the old hard drive, and finally went to an Apple store, where the verdict was "need a new left I/O board.

Bought a used board from PowerBook Medic, installed it, same problem.

Went to a different Apple Store and they gave the same verdict.

My question to you all is: Shall I try ANOTHER I/O board (this time from iFixit) for more $$, OR do you think that despite all my care, I could have flexed the logic board when I changed the thermal paste and broken a connection (or several)?

I can replace this machine with a virtually unused identical model for $100.

I am someone who has always had Macs, in the last decade has learned to replace RAM & clean the insides, and recently learned that I could do more to make my machines work longer.

Many thanks to any who have thoughts, advice, answers.

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mmm... Nothing! This is a tricky one.

Lets assume you didn't damage anything then I would guess the PRAM battery needs to be replaced. Its likely the main battery had enough charge to hold the settings. Alas, once you took the main battery out the PRAM lost its settings and can't reset as it doesn't have power (Egg before Chicken problem). Here's the IFIXIT guide: MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Model A1211 PRAM Battery Replacement. I would start there as long as the charger & battery are good.

Unlike the newer systems the PRAM battery holds the settings when you pull the battery or have a dead battery. I suspect you ran it down as you stated it was sitting idle for a while and over time they do wear out.

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I want to be clear about your suggestion. A bad PRAM battery can affect the ability of the machine to receive adequate incoming power to boot up?


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Upon reading, I weas able to draw out the issue that this problem presented itself post update. This looks like a driver issue; I am wondering if you were able to connect it to an external monitor and attempt to complete driver updates.

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Driver for the new I/O board? OR for something else? I have an iMac that I presume I could use as a monitor...but if I can't boot the MBP, does that help?


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