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The Acer Aspire One D150 is an affordable 10.5" laptop with an Intel Atom CPU. The Acer Aspire line is aimed at casual household users and covers both desktop and laptop PCs.

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How to reset / clear cmos after failed bios update / crash?

While using Winflash to update my bios (with what was probably the completely wrong version), my netbook froze and I was forces to pull battery & power to shut down. Now it has zero vital signs: No power light, no fan, no booting of any kind. Tried using a "Crisis" usb w/ proper bios on it, but the fail-safe Fn + Esc + Power button restoration seems like it's only meant for the AOA150's, not this model (D150-1920 (KAV10)), & doesn't work. The usb flashes once when power cord is plugged in, then nothing. No jumpers on the motherboard, cmos battery soldered in place, and a wire marked "Cmos" doesn't seem to reset anything when unplugged & re-plugged. Do I need to buy a new bios chip? Will that even work? I can't afford sending it in for repairs or a new motherboard. **PLEASE HELP**

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barlow41, the only assistance I can find is pretty extensive and can be found on by a poster by the name of Linuxguru. Right now it seems like that would be the only way to go. It appears that a lot of Acer users have the same problem when flashing their BIOS your manualis availblehere

and page 111 + (I believe) explains the CMOS procedure as well as jumper settings. I do hope that this will at least get you going again. Let us now how you are progressing. Good Luck

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