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Do you think my laptop can be saved?

HP 4440p

I inherited the HP from a relative and it quickly became my 'go to' pc. After using it in my bedroom I left the HP standing vertically against a nightstand (Lid closed with hinges at the top). The pc was shut down but it was still plugged in with power on to the power unit.

During the night i assume I must have knocked a glass containing a sugary drink over. When I woke up and discovered the accident I checked and the HP seems dead. No sign of power.

I've tried opening the HP up to clean the motherboard and this led me to this site. Given the level of knowledge here I thought I'd ask for advice before going further.

Note I have removed the HD and ram. I'm sure I can access my data but, if possible I'd like to save the computer from my idiocy.

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@jr48 I am not convinced that it needs a replacement just yet. You do want to at least disassemble your laptop to take a look at what is going on. Download the service manual from here Page 98 of that manual will tell you how to remove the motherboard. After that remove the CPU and clean the complete board with 90%+ isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush.Check for any missing, burned or otherwise damaged component. If you give us any identifier on your motherboard, I am sure we might even find a schematic for that. Check your AC adapter and your power on button etc. as well. If you find an area that shows corrosion/debris residue post some images of your board with your question. Use this guide Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag for that so that we can see what you see. worst case is that you may need a replacement motherboard (part number 594028-001) which is available for around $70USD. cheaper than a new laptop and keeps yours out of the landfill.

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Test the hard drive outside the laptop in an external enclosure . It is also a good idea to check the battery for leaks and as soda can cause the battery to leak . if it is leaking please be careful how you handle it and dispose of it


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If you dumped a drink over your laptop and got onto the motherboard sorry to say you shorted it and time for a new laptop.

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