A home coffee brewer, released in 2013, manufactured by Keurig. Repair for this device is similar to all other Keurig models.

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Use apple cider vinegar to clean, now it won't work. Help

My mom thought it would be a great idea to use a good 1/2 cup or more of apple cider vingear to clean the Keurig instead of letting me do it. She poored it into the side and added water to it Went to run it through to clean it and now it won't dispense any water at all. I tried cleaning it all out and rinsing it. Did she just kill it or is there a way to save my poor coffee maker.?! Help

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I can't see why apple cider vinegar would kill it. I regularly clean out our coffee machine, but I use a proprietary descaler. These are based on acetic acid, essentially the same acid, but without all the flavourings and stuff.

In your question you don't specify why it doesn't work. is there power? lights? does it gurgle? In my imagination I can see a lump of lime scale becoming dislodged and blocking the heater tube, but without more info........


I took it apart and the tubes are filled with lime scale but they have zip-ties holding them together.


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Haven't tried cider vinegar, I've only used white vinegar in a standard drip coffee maker (ones that use filters). I also diluted it down by 50%

Unlike them the Keurig uses a seal pod that holds the coffee and filter. Only the tube at the bottom that expels the brewed coffee from the pod would need any cleaning (coffee buildup) as the other heater side tube at the top only gets clean water pumped through it. You might have calcium build up over time (Lime).

So the issue then is did the straight vinegar damage the heater? I don't think Keurig expected people to use vinegar that way as it won't cut though the lime buildup from the water very effectively. Here is what they expect: Keurig Descaling Solution Give that a try.

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Back in the day before the Hot and Cold designation, the solution was to use white vinegar. I remember that from years ago because we went through a few that had this problem.

That solution is newer; vinegar still works but it's not the recommended solution anymore.


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