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Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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battery failing cannot charge , no probs before

Hey Guys ( and girls :) )

I have an iphone 6 here with following problem

I have this iphone 6 from a friend , she said she cannot charge the phone.

The phone was just shutting down, she tried to charge it , but it was not possible

After investigating :

no power was left in the phone when i had my hands on.

I tried a new cable : no solution

i tried a other charger : no solution

i tried both : no solution

I tried to charge the phone during night ( when i connect it to a cable and a power outlet the phone lights up showing the battery with blinking red bar)

after charging for the night ( +- 8 hours) : nothing phone still dead

There was no indication that the battery was dying .. no problems before.

When i tried to connect to itunes : nothing...

I tried to connect to 3utools to check battery life: nothing ( because phone is so empty)

I was thinking it would be the lightning module , but he is recognizing the cable ...

so could it be a bad battery , regardless that she never sufferd any battery problem ?

Tonight i will open the phone and measure out the battery , but it would be nice if i hear your opinions...

thanks in advance

Best regards


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Hi Niall ,

Iphone is up and running again after resetting and calibrating battery( did a test on battery with software :still 91 % of live) ...

Everithing is working again.. but when i did the measurements... i can't trust this phone..

The phone is now up on 100 % .. we will see in a day or 2, i will let him shut down to 0 % .. we will see what happens than.

I tought it would be the U2 IC....

i keep in touch..


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So what do you get on the screen now?

Just low battery icon with charging cable shown or just battery icon when trying to plug in charger?

Does the charging cable go in fully?

There should be little to no gap between the white plastic casing of the charging cable and iPhone metal housing.

Also check the charging port with a flashlight there should be 8 pins visible and not pushed down.

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Hey Ben

Without cable plugged in , battery icon with cable

With cable plugged in, just the battery icon.

i measure 3.24 VDC on the battery , when i measure while charging , there is no VDC going up ... so a bad lightning dock? cable goes fully in and no bent connectors. no durt as well.

strange thing is that he recognize the cable but no charging... is there some kind of fuse on the lightning dock? or a bad U2 chip ?

i ordered a new lightning dock, we will try ..

first time i have this kind of problem... most of the time it is easier to determine the problem is a bad battery or a bad lightning dock...


You should use one of those USB ammeters to measure current draw from charging cable itself to see if it's providing enough power as usual to charge up phone.

They are also called USB battery doctors.


Ok thanks , i will buy one.

I have the phone up and running now but it is charching verry slow , and sometimes it is dropping percentage while charging... i will perform a hard reset as well ( helped me in the past ) .. i used a new cable as well now.. now he is charching but very slow...


Sounds like a failing charging ic. Just to make sure are you using a 2A or higher wall charger?

These phones charge at around 1.6A maximum and will benefit on higher than 1A chargers.


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Hi Kevin

Sounds like textbook symptoms of a failed Charge IC as mentioned above you could test if phone is drawing power, I recommend a 'Portapow' USB tester from Amazon.

With the charge IC be careful, a new battery may power on phone and look like issues are solved, it may even charge again but once battery gets to 0% you will face same issue again.

Common symptoms apart from what you have are jumps of large percentages whilst charging, slow to charge or charging symbol active but percentage not changing.

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I got the same problem few days ago. The reason on my iPhone 6 is battery dead (shutdown directly with 40%). plug in cable to charge and iPhone will turn on but will shutdown again. Replace new battery fixed this problem. Hope it helps.

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