Indicator light always ON (green) after small water damage

So my phone got a little water on it and now my notification indicator light always stays ON, stays green. It even stays ON when the phone is powered down. Only time I notice it changes any color its when I make the phone restart it changes to bluish and back to green when the phone come back on.

Everything on the phone works perfect, doesn't get hot, and it does not seem to use up any more battery than it did before the water.

I've tried turning off the indicate in the settings, and using apps for controlling the light without success.

Just wondering what on the motherboard could have gotten damaged that would make the LED stay ON all the time? Is it possible that a tiny bit of water still in there is just short circuiting the LED and always giving it GROUND which is keeping it ON all the time?

If anyone has seen this happen before I would love to hear from you.

Thank you

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