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Adobe reader error when opening document

When you click on the button "Open" a pdf document is issued :"there was an error opening this document. Can't find file."

What could be wrong?

Asked the user to check for viruses. He said to periodically check for viruses (Kaspersky).

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Thank you guys for your feedback and help. Thank you!


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If you open any other pdf file in the same way error also occurs?

Just try to update Acrobat to the latest version. Or put, for example, Sumatrу. If you do not help this method, then you can restore the file using PDF Repair Kit for adobe pdf repair.

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Is it just that one file or is it all PDF files.

If its just that file, that file may be damaged or is gone.

If its all, uninstall Adobe Reader and reinstall it again.

If that doesnt fix it let me know and we will find other options

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Is it just that one file . and I also think it's damaged


If it is, its definitely damaged and there is nothing you really can do.


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Hi @ernobalog,


1. You can try to move on from older version to latest one.

2. Cross checked once, are you not rename his file along with extension?

if you still stuck, It may be possible that for some special configurations, such as:

1. Mail client you are using?

2. Do you have roaming profile/redirected folders?

3. Do you have any anti virus/secuirty software installed?

You can try, repairing Reader X installation from Help-> Repair option

If you are getting this issue again, recommend to call my toll-free number +1-800-620-8060.



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I'll try to follow your instructions. thank you!)


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