Spilled juice - only fan and indicator light turn on

Working on a friend's MacBook, her son spilled juice on the right side of the key board. Unfortunately he did not turn it upside down straight away, nor did he turn off the power and remove the battery. It has been nearly a week. I disassembled the unit using a step by step from this site; cleaned the logic board in situ with cotton swaps and distilled water, cleaned the RAM contacts, checked hard drive contacts. Reassembled, only the cooling fan and indicator light turn on. At start up the display has an ever so slight flicker then nothing. The optical drive will not accept a disc. Logic board??

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Can you boot to target disk mode?


Unable to boot, no response save for the cooling fan and indicator light.


Have you thought about the power supply at all?


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Probably the logic board. From what I read only the fan comes on which is not a promising situation. Have you tried booting with only the battery? If you could I would say maybe the dc in board or power pack, but I think its going to be the logic board. Ralph

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Battery was flat when I received the MB to check out, doesn't charge.


Yeah- so what about the dc-in?


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