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I replaced the keyboard keys don't work now

Laptop powers up, works with a wireless mouse & keyboard but the new keyboard keys don't work!! The mouse on the laptop still works.

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Hello Mike

Was it a "official" keyboard or a third party keyboard?

Did you checked the connector? and the flat cable?

Mouse is a different component of the laptop , has nothing to do with the keyboard ( other connectors)

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Kevin -

Ya it was a Dell keyboard not a knockoff.

I got it figured out... I was getting irritated with it not working and trying multiple ideas to either restart and hold power ect or update driver's ect.

So I looked at the back of the keyboard to see it the main ribbon cable housing was loose like it was on the new keyboard when I saw the lock tab on that ribbon.

I tore it apart again flipped up the new keyboard and that main ribbon cable wasn't locked in. I made sure it was secure and reassembled the laptop, powered it up and problem solved.

Thanks for your answer


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