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The Samsung Galaxy J1, released January 2015, model number SM-J100VPP/SM-J100H.

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My phone is on but there is a black screen. Help?

I was in the car today and I don't know what got into my head but I took a small chess box and started smashing the screen. A screen protector was on. I tried to turn it on, it worked. Now, there's just a black screen and I can't see anything. I have a Samsung Galaxy J1. Please help!

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You may have damaged your lcd screen by smashing the screen, you need to change a new lcd screen replacement.Samsung Galaxy J1 / J100 Touch Screen & LCD Replacement

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you Need lcd connector reconnect.if same problem you need change lcd......

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By the way, I am 11 years old.

door Have 11 work experience good. i have 15 years experience. thats not problem. problem you need help.i give solution information.if you have good experience you never ask work 11 year but dont have good experience.i read your profile history Mr Ashley Gilzean.

1) you know how many voltage need lcd light nokia 3100?

plz next time dont say you have 11 year experience :))))))))


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