LED's on logic board don't come on

I have a 27" iMac EMC 2546 It won't turn on.

I opened and checked the power supply. It works, as I tried it on a different iMac. But, when placed in the faulty iMac, the power LED's don't come on not even one when you hold power button for long, the power LED on the logic board flash shorty then goes off.

Please can anyone help me with this issue

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Just to be clear here you took the dead systems power supply out and put it into another system and it worked? Or did you take the known good systems power supply and put it into the dead system and it still wont start up (the diagnostic LED's are still out).

Make sure they are the exact same series iMacs as you can't swap out power supplies between the different series most of the time!


What @danj said. When you switched the supplies, you said it worked: did it fully boot up or only get the #1 LED to light? What's the history on this machine?


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