Switched charging port board, then mic stopped working. any help?

My Note 4's(sn-n910v) charging port stopped working, it was doing that thing where you have to hold the charger at an angle. I ordered the replacement board off amazon, from Unifix, opened the phone up took the old board out, put the new one in. everything that is connected to this replacement board works, like home, recent apps, and back button, internet antennas, it all still works. everything but the mic, that did not work. I tested it with a call and they couldn't hear me, however speaker phone did work, but that uses a different mic on the top of the phone. i was thinking maybe the holes where the mic goes when its assembled was dirty so i gently put one of those tiny sim card ejectors in it to attempt to clean it while the phone was disassembled(meaning the mic on the board wouldnt be in the hole, so it would be safe to put something in there, right?)

I ordered a replacement part from the same people, they were very nice about it, and the replacement did the same thing. everything works fine on it but the mic.

Any suggestions on where to go from here?

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